Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • BMC2 capabilities must evolve to meet challenges of operating in space

    Space is becoming a warfighting domain. Air Force Space Command’s operations and warfighting culture must evolve rapidly to meet the challenges of operating in the contested, degraded and operationally limited (CDO) space domain. It is expected that US space systems will face an increasingly wide

  • The Whole Airman Concept

    From the moment any member joins the United States Air Force, whether through active duty, Guard, Reserve or as a civilian, they are introduced to the Whole Airman Concept, or WAC. It’s a concept that lays an unbreakable foundation of service for all Airmen through three major components: leadership

  • Thoughts on the Space Based Infrared System

    One would think the military would create a program so well defined that it would be a routine effort to get it funded, and implemented.  Cut and dried. Not so with the Space Based Infrared Satellite System (SBIRS).  The idea of using space based sensors was first conceived during the Cold War. 

  • GPS: Dedicated to Excellence

    2015 was an exciting year to assume leadership of the Global Positioning Systems Directorate. I've witnessed the men and women of our team accomplish some amazing things, across all of our efforts to modernize the constellation and would like to take a moment to share our progress over the past year

  • Overcoming cultural and language barriers in a time of need

    Cultural and language barriers can be difficult to overcome for immigrant military members and even more so for the members' families. This is a true story of the Air Force family helping an Air Force member's family through those barriers and assisting them when they were faced with an unexpected

  • Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Keeps on Giving Year-Round

    'Tis the season of giving when we open our hearts to others less fortunate than ourselves. There are many forms of giving, but there's only one that's designed specifically for federal civil servants that continues to give year-round. None is more appreciated than the Voluntary Leave Donation

  • Volunteering: A Life-Changing Opportunity

    I've always loved working with children, so I knew I wanted to volunteer when I saw the Company Grade Officer Council announcement about tutoring for the School on Wheels organization. I felt like I might be able to help someone, and that it would be a rewarding experience, but I really didn't

  • You can make a difference

    What is one of the most powerful predictors of whether a sexual assault will be completed or not? You are!When a woman is attacked by a single individual, you, as a prosocial bystander, can play a vital role in determining whether a rape will be completed or not. The presence of a bystander makes a

  • October is Energy Awareness Month

    October is "Energy Awareness" month throughout the Federal Government. This year's theme is  "Energy Solutions...Fueling the Mission." Energy conservation has received increased emphasis due to Hurricane Katrina and the war on terror highlighting our nation's vulnerability to energy supply

  • Heroic "CGO" Dies

    I went to the funeral of Roger "Bill" Terry. I'd met him a few times and he was always friendly and never seemed to have left his smile at home. Bill Terry was a Tuskegee Airman. It was only at his funeral that it dawned on me that when we think of the Tuskegee Airmen we think of them as old men,