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Public Affairs

Welcome to the Los Angeles Air Force Base Public Affairs web page. Our purpose is to provide trusted counsel to base leadership; build and maintain Airmen and Guardian morale and readiness; and help strengthen public trust and support. 

Our staff serves as the liaison between the commander, base personnel and their family members, civilian communities and American and International publics. News about Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space Systems Command and Space Base Delta 3 is distributed to internal and external audiences.

Some of the products and services Public Affairs staff provides includes answering media and public queries, providing speakers for organizational and school events, photo and video services and website management. The PA Director also provides advice and counsel to LA AFB leadership on Public Affairs matters and directly supports more than 30 partner units across SSC and LA AFB.

Multimedia Services

Public Affairs photographers, videographers and graphic artists are trusted agents because they can create products that can be used in legal proceedings and for critical decision-making. As a result, all visual information images must remain truthful, thus alteration of any visual information images (unless clearly marked as an illustration) is prohibited IAW AFH 35-115, Chapter 7.

Also, IAW AFH 35-115, official visual information products and services, visual information resources cannot be used for sale or profit, souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos. farewell gifts, support to, or documentation of, farewell parties or social events (unless certified as newsworthy or of historical significance), creating products used for entertainment during farewell parties or social events and support to 61st FSS services-sponsored recognition programs.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(310) 653-5298

Our Art Services contractor provides art and graphic support to base personnel for official military functions at LA AFB and to other USAF, USSF and DoD personnel whose organizations have specific support agreements. Normal day-to-day work will be turned around within five working days. "Over-and-above" services are services that are required outside of the normal operating hours. They do not qualify as emergency services or surge requirements. Over-and-above services can be coordinated on a case by case basis.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(310) 653-5546

- Official Photos
Official Photos include head and shoulders, full length and ISO Prep/Official Passport imagery. To schedule an official portrait set up your appointment online here

- Alert Photography
Provides 24-hour emergency support to Security Forces, Office of Special Investigations, Legal, Safety and Protocol. The alert photographer is notified of an incident needing response from the command post.

- Location Photography
 These services are provided for official functions or historical documentation. Priority of coverage will be determined by the PA Chief.

- Photographic Archival Services
Retains a limited number of military-related images for historical documentation. These include the SSC and SBD 3 Command Staff, satellites, rockets, missiles and space vehicle launches, historic public relations and quality-of-life imagery. These are available in both digital and hard-copy formats for use in briefings and public displays on 

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(310) 653-5594

Video documentation is available for important official mission, training or community events. a normal VIDOC turnaround period (without any editing) is five working days from completion of the event. NOTE: Per Air Force Instruction 35-109, coverage of official ceremonies such as change of command, promotions and retirements is limited to Vice/Deputy Wing Commanders and above, General Officers and civilian equivalents. Self-help video cameras are available from Video Services for change of commands, retirement or promotion ceremonies for all other base personnel.

- Video Production
Requests for local and/or Air Force-wide video productions must be submitted through the SSC Multimedia sharepoint site for approval. Completion time may vary from one video production to another depending on mission requirements, resource availability and varying constraints. This service may require producing, scripting, videotaping, editing and duplication.

- Video Editing
Services are available for video programs or projects that require editing services. A normal turnaround time is ten working days per program, depending on length and complexity. 

Contact Us

Space Base Delta 3 
Office of Public Affairs
483 N. Aviation Blvd.
Los Angeles Air Force Base
El Segundo, CA 90245

Phone: (310) 653-3145
DSN: 633-3145

For more information about national Air Force Outreach programs, click here.

Hometown News Program

Hometown News Program: Air Force personnel achievements are reported to their home town newspapers and other news media through the Joint Hometown News Program. Complete a DD Form 2266 to submit.

Click here to open and download a Hometown News Release form


Media: Whether you're from the CBS News "60 Minutes" team or a weekly community newspaper, we serve both ends of the news media spectrum. All are important to us and treated equally!

All news media queries related to LA AFB should be sent to the SBD 3/PA orgbox where they are reviewed daily (Monday-Friday during normal operating hours):

Any media queries related to SSC should be sent to the SSC/PA orbox:

media image

Media Relations will staff the query to the appropriate organization for a response. Normal response time is 48 to 72 hours. However, base interest and media deadlines may prompt faster reaction -- or could take longer. This depends upon the complexity and nature of the query, and the number of offices required to coordinated on the response.


Aerial support for community events must be approved by the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs. For information on request procedures or to check on upcoming eligible events, click here.

In general, flyovers must coincide with:
- Events specifically designed to highlight aviation;
- Events specifically designed to honor America's armed forces or substantially contribute to recruiting efforts, or;
- Ceremonial events scheduled within seven (7) days of one of the following nationally recognized patriotic holidays: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day or Veterans Day.

The process for requesting flyovers or static displays of B-2 Spirit, C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III,  KC-10 Extender, C-130 Hercules, U-2 Dragonlady, T-38 Talon, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, F-22 Lightning II aircraft needs to begin a minimum of 90 days before the event.

Community Relations

The Community Relations Division serves as the liaison between Los Angeles Air Force Base, neighboring South Bay communities, and the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. The division also manages both the Los Angeles AFB Speaker's bureau and the Base tour program.

Speaker's Bureau: If you are looking for an Airman, Guardian or civilian employee to address your group at a community event, we can help. The goal of the Speaker's Bureau is to keep the public informed about Los Angeles AFB, Space Systems Command, the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force.

The Speaker's Bureau includes military and civilian personnel who are available for speaking engagements at a variety of venues including schools, community organization meetings and special events. Our speakers can talk about a variety of USAF and USSF topics, ranging from Los Angeles AFB's history and missions, to patriotism and core values. 

A minimum of 30 days notice is normally required for speakers, and we reserve the right to cancel requests due to mission requirements in support of mission essential contingencies. Audiences typically range in size from 25 to 100 persons and range in age from elementary school students to senior citizens.

To request a speaker for your event contact SSC/PA  at Please provide general information about your event to include: your name and contact information (daytime phone and e-mail), the name of the group you are representing, the anticipated audience size and composition, suggested topic(s), allocated length of time for the presentation, the date, the time and the location of the event.

Note: Submission of a request does not constitute a commitment of support until you receive confirmation.

Base Tours: The Public Affairs office or the Space Systems Command Heritage Center conducts tours for military groups whose visit fills a mission requirement and civic leader groups that want to learn more about what space-based capabilities SSC delivers to warfighters.

The Public Affairs office will not conduct tours for individuals or families or for groups of more than 40 people. ROTC detachments, Civil Air Patrol units and other student groups will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A minimum of 30 days notice is required for all tours and requests are taken on a first come, first served basis. Schedules fill up quickly. You can contact us to check the availability of a specific date but a written request is required to schedule the tour.

To request a tour, contact the SSC/PA orgbox with your name and contact information (daytime phone and e-mail), the name of the group you are representing, the size of the group, and proposed dates for the visit. Keep in mind, due to the size of the facilities being toured, group sizes may be limited.

Authority: 10 USC 8013 and 5 USC 552
Purpose: To ensure that visitors to Los Angeles Air Force Base do not pose a threat to the security or safety of the base.
Routine Use: To conduct National Criminal Information Center background checks for visitors to the installation.
Disclosure: Voluntary. However, failure to disclose names and Social Security Numbers will result in your tour request being disapproved.

Numbers and E-mails

Los Angeles AFB Operator
(310) 653-1110

LAAFB Base Locator
(310) 653-3080

ID Card Customer Support
(310) 653-6556 
(310) 653-5114

61st Security Forces Squadron Security Forces Squadron
(Law Enforcement desk):
(310) 653-5787 
(310) 653-5664


Public Queries or Event Requests
(310) 653-3145 or 


Official Public Communication Guidance & Request Process