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Inspector General

IG Shield

The Air Force IG Complaints Resolution Program (CRP) is a leadership tool that indicates where commander involvement is needed to correct systemic, programmatic, or procedural weaknesses and ensures resources are used effectively and efficiently; resolves problems affecting the Air Force mission promptly and objectively; creates an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal; assists commanders in instilling confidence in Air Force leadership.

Any member of the SSC community (eg, military, civilian, contractor, military families, or community members) can communicate with and submit complaints to the Inspector Generals.  

The IG systems provides a very high degree of confidentiality.  Any informal discussion - in-person or virtual - can be done anonymously.  

SSC Complaints Resolution Hotline

Phone:   310-653-2135


Fraud Waste and Abuse Reporting.

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