Dress and Appearance Count

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Craig Dockum
  • 61st MSS
Looking through the Dress and Appearance AFI for an item to write about brought me to Chapter 1. It so happens that paragraph 1.3. is Individuals' Responsibilities.

It states to present a professional military image, individuals will: Procure and maintain all mandatory clothing items. Review and follow local supplements and procedures. Uniforms will be neat, clean, pressed, buttoned and properly maintained. It further states that members will not: Stand or walk with hands in pockets or any uniform combination, other than to insert or remove items. Walk in uniform while using cell phones, radios, hands-free headsets unless required in the performance of official duties using a government-issued device. Smoke/use smokeless tobaccos, drink or eat while in uniform. It's nice to have a reference but better to not need it.

It's really our responsibility to ensure our uniforms are correct, buttoned and polished. I think all of us know that. So if your uniform looks like you slept in it, you need a haircut or your boots haven't been polished in the last five days - how many people do you think are telling jokes about you?