The 101 Critical Days of Summer

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Hector Navarro
  • 61st Air Base Wing Safety
With the 101 Critical Days of Summer safety campaign just around the corner, it's especially important to start now to think safety.

In addition to the warmer temperatures, there is an increase in sports, riding motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, grilling and water activities. This increase in activities can also lead to an increase in safety mishaps.

Here are some tips for the summer months to ensure you and your family remain safe:

∙ Practice good Operational Risk Management and Personal Risk Management procedures and practices.

∙ Do not participate in these activities during or after consuming alcohol.

∙ When you're in the water, never be alone.

∙ Try to have someone with you or near you during any activity, and always let someone know what you intend to do and where you will be. Try to notify someone of your activity start time, duration and completion. 

Keep safety in mind during these 101 critical days and follow proper procedures because they will lessen the chance of a mishap and possibly save your life or prevent  injury.

Some ways to practice good ORM and PRM procedures include being prepared and planning ahead, having an alternate or secondary plan in place, and not taking unnecessary risks, especially after consuming alcohol.

Also, be aware of and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Concentrate on what you are doing or want to do, and don't lose focus.  Be reminded that keeping safe during ordinary activities should not be neglected.

Seatbelt- and helmet-use while driving or riding in a car or operating other motor vehicles that would require helmets is mandatory for all Air Force personnel both on duty and off duty as mandated in Air Force Instruction 91-207, U.S. Air Force Traffic Safety Program.

Speeding and driver fatigue are also factors consistently identified during most fatal vehicle mishaps. Be sure to consider these factors everyday while driving your vehicles--on or off duty.

Lastly, I remind you not to drink and drive during the summer months. If you do plan on drinking, have a plan and a backup plan.  Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination.

Stay safe!