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  • From swords to plowshares: History of the Abort Test Booster

    NASA and the U.S. Air Force are preparing to launch the Ascent Abort-2 mission using an Abort Test Booster on July 2 from Space Launch Complex-46 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.AA-2 will help pave the path for NASA’s return to the moon under the Artemis program by testing the launch abort system of the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle, an
  • Sitting in the middle of Space History

    When Lt. Col. Ryan Rose sits at her console July 2 supporting NASA’s Ascent Abort (AA)-2 flight test from Launch Complex-46, she’ll be situated right smack in the middle of 50 years of space history — the Hangar AE Control Center.As a member of the AA-2 mission’s senior management team with NASA and contractors, Rose will be the senior Space and