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  • SMC selects Consortium Manager for next iteration of SpEC OTA

    The Space and Missile Systems Center’s (SMC) Space Development Corps has selected NSTXL as the Consortium Manager for the next iteration of the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) Other Transaction Agreement (OTA). Pending a 30 day congressional notification period, SMC plans to award the agreement on Dec. 31, 2020.Dubbed “SpEC Reloaded,” this new
  • SMC, NASA deploy DoD's STPSat-4 from ISS

    The United States Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) and its mission partner, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), successfully deployed the Department of Defense (DoD) Space Test Program Satellite-4 (STPSat‑4) from the International Space Station at 11:20 p.m., Jan. 28, 2020.   The suitcase-sized satellite is
  • SMC's SpEC a Success to Sustain

    The Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) released a request for information (RFI) Aug. 20, for parties interested in the future re-compete of the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement. The SpEC OTA agreement was awarded in November of 2017 as a method to allow for the flexible and rapid execution of prototyping for a variety of Department of Defense space programs. One of the principal objectives for SpEC was to leverage the innovation of a broad range of traditional and non-traditional space defense contractors and universities. In less than two years, the consortium rapidly expanded to include 325 members, 78 percent of which are non-traditional defense contractors.