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Warrior of the Week: Lesli Otake

Lesli Otake

Lesli Otake

Duty Station: Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA

Directorate/Unit:  SMC/MCE

Duty Title:  Project Leader for Presidential National Voice Conferencing (PNVC) and MILSATCOM Spectrum Management

Time on Station:   2 years in MILSATCOM

Hometown:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Goals:  To become a manager in Aerospace, to learn as much as she can, and to help out as much as she can.

Hobbies: Curling up on the coach at home with her dog and reading a good book, playing “Pokémon Go”, and trying new restaurants.

Greatest achievement:  Becoming self-sufficient, completing her Master’s degree, and getting a good job with Aerospace.  

What others are saying:  “I want to offer up my praise for Lesli’s support to me, as a fellow Rent-A-PEM, as well to the permanent team of PEMs at SAF/AQS. Lesli showed immense pride and eagerness to support any and all tasks that flowed to SAF/AQS and represented SMC/MC superbly by engaging in numerous programs of the MILSATCOM portfolio,” Said Maj. Jonathan Liscomb, SMC/MC.


 "Lesli Otake has been my technical point of contact for many issues including spectrum management, requirements management, satellite loading and performance modelling.  Her technical acumen and drive to get the complete answer, along with her positive attitude makes her extremely gratifying to work with.  I, and MILSATCOM are extremely fortunate to have her on our team," said Mark Swingle SMC/MCE. 


“I would like to thank you for allowing Lesli Otake to support SAF/AQSS as a Rent-a-PEM during the last two weeks of July. Manpower was especially low during this period and Lesli eagerly stepped in to help wherever possible. In support of several taskers, she worked with the FAB-T Deputy Program Manger to update the FAB-T Talking Points paper and the FAB-T ATR Factsheet that was delivered to respond to an urgent Congressional inquiry. She represented SAF/AQSS during the Protected SATCOM AoA FCB Working Group Prep Meeting and supported various other tag-ups with AFLCMC/HNS, SMC/MCI, SMC/MCX, and SMC/MCE on the behalf of SAF/AQSS. Also on behalf of SAF/AQSS she provided comments on the Protected SATCOM User Terminal Assessment, United States Air Force Strategic Environment Assessment, and AFGSC Global Assured Communication Roadmap documents. During her assignment, Lesli closely tracked PNVC. She worked with the PNVC Integrator Program Office to receive the $3M MIPR from DISA and supported efforts to ensure $5M will be delivered at the start of the fiscal year. The $3M MIPR from DISA allowed the program to maintain schedule towards IOC because without that critical funding there would have been a stop work scenario. She also closely tracked the progress of the PTSFD contract which was awarded on 11 Aug,” said Col. Stephen M. Behm, USAF SAF/AQSS