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Warrior of the Week: Linda Doerfler

Linda Doerfler

Linda Doerfler


Duty Location: Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts

Directorate/Unit:  AFLCMC/HNAS

Duty Title:   Senior Acquisition Management Specialist

Years in Service:  6

Time on Station:   6

Hometown:  Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Goals:  To continue to contribute to the Air Force mission and mentor the next generation to help them achieve their goals in meeting the needs of the Air Force in the future.

Hobbies:  Gardening, walking, traveling, cooking, enjoying time with family and friends.

Greatest achievement:  As a government civilian for over 39 years, and as a Budget Chief upon retirement, I am proud of the contributions I made over many years to make a difference to the overall Air Force mission to protect our country’s values and freedom.  As a team, we have made a difference in delivering the best capability we have available to support the men and women who serve our Country every day.  They deserve nothing less than our excellence!  

What others are saying:  Ms. Doerfler’s primary role as an Acquisition Specialist is to develop key acquisition documentation to provide program status to Space and Missile Systems Center for the Global Broadcast Service.  This program provides world-wide, high-capacity, one-way transmission of classified and unclassified high-speed multimedia communications and information flow for deployed, on the move (in-transit) or garrisoned forces.  Her expertise, initiative and vision have been invaluable in ensuring the success of the Global Broadcast Service mission.  Her dedication to the warfighter is evident in the high quality work she delivers every day!  Linda has been a lifesaver for the GBS program and for two other SATCOM Branch Programs Air Force Wideband Enterprise Terminal (AFWET) & Advanced Terminals.  When the Branch Admin retired, on top of her own work load, she volunteered to take on some of the workflow duties and coordination of all branch taskers/briefings.  Linda does an outstanding job providing all the ACAT IC reporting for GBS.  She reached out to the AFWET program to help them with their ACAT III reporting requirements when they were recently designated an ACAT III program.  Linda interfaces daily with the SMC/DAG answering quick turn suspense’s and providing briefing updates as needed.