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Warrior of the Week: “RT” Hicks

R.T. Hicks

R.T. Hicks

Directorate/Unit:  SMC/MCO

Duty Title:   Chief, IT and Network Branch

Years in Service:  21 years Active Duty military service

Time on Station:   Nearly 9 years

Hometown:  Washington, D.C.

Goals:  To provide the MC Directorate with an innovative workforce that keeps current with evolving technologies in order to maintain a reliable IT infrastructure and excellent customer service.

Hobbies:  Music, model cars, thinking games, being the volunteer coordinator for the annual Long Beach Jazz Festival.

Greatest achievement:  Personal - being married for 29 years and getting his two sons through school with no student loan debt.  Work – helping MC to be a forward-thinking organization in the IT realm.

What others are saying:  “RT is very responsive, always ready to help, and always has a smile on his face even though he is pulled in 20 million directions every day," said Irene Edquid, SMC/MCO.

“He’s enthusiastic, amiable, conscientious and hard-working, "said Ahmad Ali, SMC/MCO.  

“RT often works weekends to ensure the IT shop is mission ready; with the influx of employees arriving this summer MC had more In-bounds than Out and not enough equipment to go around, so RT and his team worked diligently with base POCs to acquire additional resources.  He’s often under pressure from customers and leadership to wave his magic wand and make miracles happen and he always does it with grace, happiness, and aptitude,” said Katrina Lewis, SMC/MCO.