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Program executive officer for space is now on Twitter


Both the commander of the Space and Missile System Center and program executive officer for space and the SMC command chief are now a part of the growing trend of the Air Force’s top leaders who have opened a Twitter account to augment communication with Airman at geographically separated units and the public.


Twitter is an online social networking service enabling users to send, read, and “re-tweet” or text messages limited to 140 characters.  Registered users can read and post tweets while unregistered users can only view them.


 Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves’ first tweet, was sent out July 18 at approximately 1 p.m., to kick off his introduction to Twitter. He can tweet live during events and hopes social media will allow SMC personnel at Kirtland AFB, Vandenberg AFB, and Peterson AFB to be more involved.


 “Social Media is a great tool to share Space and Missile Systems Center news and help ensure openness and transparency when it comes to the research, design, development and sustainment of space launch vehicles satellites and their command and control systems,” said Greaves.  I’m excited to communicate with fellow members of the Space and Missile Systems community, our Industry partners and anyone else who is interested in space.

Greaves Twitter name is SMC Commander @SMC_CC and Chief Master Sgt. Craig Hall is SMC Command Chief @ChiefSmc.