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Warrior of the Week: Lt. Sarah "Bobbi" Garcia

Lt. Sarah "Bobbi" Garcia

Lt. Sarah "Bobbi" Garcia


Directorate/Unit:  SMC/LE


Duty Title:  Lead Acquisition Budget Analyst, RSLP, Launch Enterprise


Years in Service:  1 year


Time on Station:  8 months


Hometown:  San Antonio, Texas


Goals:  Finish MBA by Spring of 2018; complete financial goals by 2019; complete 2nd level FM Certification and Acquisition Certification by Fall of 2019; selection for Speed program; selection for special duty SARC 1 year assignment at 2nd duty station


Hobbies:  Rock climbing, working out, painting, dancing, hiking and traveling, enjoying time with friends and family


Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement was accomplishing a bachelor’s degree and commissioning into the Air Force while working a full time manager role of a store, running a campus organization and living on my own. During my time in college there were a few hardships and life-changing obstacles that I had to overcome and press forward from but knowing that there was an amazing career ahead of me, kept me smiling and enjoying the ride.


What others are saying (Commander's Comment): 


“Lt. Garcia recently took on financial management of the RSLP appropriation.  She has attacked this work with gusto and already made improvements.  She is working to clean-up RSLP’s CCARs.  She is making Target Loads compliant with SMC standards thereby improving FIAR compliance.  She’s already improved financial reporting by providing additional break-outs of Event Timelines for O&E forecasts and 1537s. Lt. Garcia has accelerated learning and development, taking initiative of every role she has been given. She not only runs the RSLP appropriation, but she is a DTS Reviewer, FIAR audit reviewer and a member of the Wing IG Inspection Team. She has been pivotal in decision making, diagnosing areas of program improvement and initiating tasks necessary for the increased efficiency of the RSLP program. She has been a part of many major changes in the Launch Enterprise, tackling the new Space appropriation changes and the addition of the RSLP program at Kirtland AFB. Currently, she is diligently working to baseline the program to standards, spearheading major changes. Her willingness to learn, ask questions and her passion for going the extra mile at work is phenomenal,” said Scott Zingler, Launch Enterprise Program Control Division chief.


“Lt. Garcia is currently the Company Grade Officer President, leading a council of 20 individuals and over 500 CGOs on base. Lt Garcia has plenty of other base and community involvement as well. She assisted in the implementation of the 2015 “LA Stand Up”, which serves over 4,000 homeless veterans by providing financial advice, legal advice, job assistance, medical care, etc. Additionally, she successfully executed "Operation Wounded Veterans", which provided letters, gifts and entertainment for over 350 veterans at the Long Beach VA Hospital.  On a directorate level, Lt. Garcia continuously works to empower, motivate and improve E Spirit de Corp through various initiatives and events. Lt Garcia remains an active member of her division, the Launch Enterprise Morale Committee and a remodel for young junior officers here at LA AFB,” said Arthur Cabral, Launch Enterprise Program Control Budget chief.