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Get the gift of gab: Become a public speaker for SMC

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, El Segundo, Calif. -- Picture this: You walk up to the podium, you steady yourself, you open your mouth ... and then silence reigns. Has this happened to you?

For many, speaking in public is their #1 Fear! 

Speaking in front of large crowds isn't easy. So, how do you prepare? 

One way to build leadership skills, boost confidence and improve communication techniques is to join Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development. Another way to sharpen your skills and transform yourself into a dynamic speaker locally is becoming a member of the Space and Missile Systems Center's Public Affairs Speakers Bureau.

The goal of SMC/PA Speaker's Bureau is to keep the public informed about SMC, Los Angeles Air Force Base and the Air Force. The Speaker's Bureau includes military and civilian personnel who are available for speaking engagements at a variety of venues including schools, community organization meetings and special events. Our speakers can talk about a variety of Air Force topics, ranging from Los Angeles Air Force Base's history and missions, to patriotism and Air Force core values.

Being a member of the SMC/PA Speakers Bureau allows you to practice in front of a camera which helps you identify those bad habits.  Practicing in front of a camera is a great way to get rid of the jitters!     

For beginners, here are some helpful hints:

Preparation is key
Keep it simple
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Delivery is important
Record and watch
Have emotion and have fun!
Know your audience and the subject
Trust yourself
Share experiences
Show your personality - Be natural
Speak the language of the audience
Carry note cards

If you're interested and would like to speak before civic groups, ceremonial events, town gatherings, please call SMC/PA Community Relations Division today at (310) 653-2368.

Novices, experienced speakers, military and civilians are welcome to join the SMC/PA Speakers Bureau.  For mock video tapings, please call us to schedule an appointment. Come talk to us!