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SMC Women Warriors: Maj. Kimberly Smith

Maj. Kimberly Smith

Maj. Kimberly Smith

Maj. Kimberly Smith

Directorate/Unit: SMC/LEG, EELV Generation & Operations Division

Duty Title: Government Mission Integration Manager

Years in Service: 11

Time on Station:  1.5 years

Hometown: Aliquippa, Pa.

Goals:  My 2016 goals are to run a marathon (my first since college), finish ACSC, improve my sailing abilities, enjoy my longest overseas summer vacation to Europe and Africa, and PCA to a challenging and rewarding job within LE.

Hobbies: Enjoying the CA beach, running/biking the strand, scuba diving, sailing, camping, & hiking

Greatest achievement:  Two of my most professionally enriching achievements were working on the integrated government and contractor teams to launch WGS-7 from CCAFS in July 2015 and NROL-45 from VAFB in February 2016.  The NROL-45 launch was especially rewarding because our team was able to honor the memory of a great colleague, friend, and patriot, Tom Legerton.  Tom was one of my first mentors after joining the SMC/LE team in August 2014 and his family, friends, and colleagues were shocked and saddened when he died unexpectedly in March 2015.  Tom worked tirelessly on the NROL-45 mission and the team wanted to pay tribute to him during the launch.  Our SMC/LE team, with the help of ULA, the 4th Space Launch Squadron at VAFB, and the Office of Space Launch (OSL), were able to host Tom's widow, Wendy, and his family and friends at VAFB in the days leading up to the NROL-45 launch. Our special guests received a tour of SLC-6 and viewed Tom's memorial stencil on the NROL-45 launch vehicle booster from Level 14 of the Mobile Service Tower.  The Mission Director, Col Hunt, read a special launch dedication in Tom's honor at L-3 hours and Tom's family and friends watched the launch at the ULA friends and family event in the early morning of 10 Feb when Tom's rocket slipped the surly bonds of Earth.  Honoring the women and men who have come before me, especially Tom Legerton, gives me great pride.