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SMC Women Warriors: 1st Lt. Tanesha Johnson

1st Lt. Tanesha Johnson

1st Lt. Tanesha Johnson


Directorate/Unit:  SMC/RSD

Duty Title:  Program Manager, SBIRS Ground Integration

Years in Service:  3 years and 5 months

Time on Station:  3 years and 5 months

Hometown:  Aurora, Colo.

Goals:  My goal would be to be a Material Leader for a great program in SMC!  In saying this, I am humbled knowing that my life has not always followed the plans I have laid out for myself, so my goal, first and foremost is to continue getting to know God so that He can direct my steps in the path that He has planned for me.  In doing this, I know that my greatest passion will be fulfilled which is to be an example to others showing them that if you do your best and let God do the rest, you can do all things...greater than you can ever imagine!

Hobbies:  Reading/Studying the Bible, Spending time with family, working out, meeting new people and shopping!

Greatest achievement: My greatest achievement was the day I called my parents my senior year of college, the semester before I was supposed to graduate, to tell them I would be joining the Air Force! Go AF Blue!

What others are saying:  "Lt. Johnson truly exemplifies what it means to be leader.  She consistently stepped up to fill the shoes of a Captain to get the job done, and exceeded the expectation of her rank.  This included leading the software and hardware integration for the delivery of the SBIRS Ground System, a  number 1 priority program for AFSPC.  Her drive to gain a firm knowledge of the system allowed for strong continuity during a crucial period of transition for the unit, and boosted the teams' confidence resulting in an increase in performance from all members of the team. The Block 10 system is now ready for ops!  She also sets a tremendous example for those around her -- she maintains very high personal fitness standards, she has relentlessly pursued a Masters' degree in her spare time, and she is one of our outstanding Resiliency Training leaders," said Maj. Martin Vermeulan, SBIRS Block Development deputy branch chief