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SMC Women Warriors: Lt..Col. Ericka Farmer-Hill

Lt. Col. Ericka Farmer-Hill

Lt. Col. Ericka Farmer-Hill

Directorate/Unit:  SMC/GP, Global Positioning Systems, Program Control Division

Duty Title:  Deputy, Program Control Division

Years in Service:  18 Time on Station:  8 months

Hometown:  Fayetteville, N.C.

Goals:  To be of service to someone everyday

Hobbies:  Volunteering for and coaching my children's sports teams

Greatest achievement: I have two: The privilege of being selected as a squadron commander twice, and the strong bond between my family and me.

Commander's Comment:  "Lt. Col. Farmer-Hill's experiences, superior officership and leadership have transformed the business acumen and wingmanship of her team.  All of which is positively reflected in the people, products, reporting and decision support provided to GP leadership," said Col. Gerard Gleckel, GP Directorate deputy director.