SBD 3 ushers in second commander of the Delta, Col. Andrew “Andy” Dermanoski

  • Published
  • By Capt. Katelin Robinson
  • Space Base Delta 3

During a formal Change of Command Ceremony, U.S. Space Force Col. Mia Walsh relinquished command of Space Base Delta 3 to U.S. Space Force, Col. Andrew “Andy” Dermanoski at Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, California on May 29, 2024.

In keeping with military tradition, officiating the ceremony was Space Systems Command, Commander Lt. Gen. Philip Garrant.

The ceremony took place with members of SBD 3 in attendance, local mayors, councilmembers, city officials and state representatives, along with family and lifelong friends of Walsh and Dermanoski.

Throughout Walsh’s two-year command she reinvigorated community ties which waned during the COVID-19 pandemic and fostered new friendships with leaders in the community. Notable accomplishments include working with the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce to establish a Military Affairs Council and Hidden Hero Recognition program; advocating for a joint use firing range with the support of local law enforcement and city councilmembers; sharing what it means to be a Purple Star school and how the program supports our military children in the local area; discussing affordable housing and childcare needs, as well as sharing more about the U.S. Space Force mission.

She shared her pride and gratitude with the audience, “The partnerships and sense of community we have cultivated in my time here made all the difference. I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of this community during such a crucial time. I will miss the people the most.”  

In a symbolic gesture, Garrant passed the command flag to Dermansoki, the new delta commander, pausing for a quick photo. The symbolic passing of the flag dates back to the 18th Century and serves as a public display of the new commander accepting the responsibility of their new position freely.

Dermanoski thanked everyone for their attendance and support, then addressed the Delta members seated in the middle of the room. “After over 20 years in the Army I’m happy to be part of the Space Force to continue to take care of people. My goal is to help us become the best Airmen, Guardians, Civilians and Contractors…I’m looking forward to leading all of you. Thank you for trusting me with this role.”

He continued, “I’m a hands-on leader so you can expect me to pop in on you from time to time to check-in and see how you are doing. I invite you to share what you are going through – good or bad – what motivates you, and how we can make this a better place to work and live.”

Dermanoski also shared some of his aspirations for the delta, noting a priority of his is to reestablish the sense of service and indoctrination into the military life that also faded during COVID. Following up with another priority of creating touchpoints and ensuring people show up in person when it matters, which is not only pivotal in getting to where we need to be but vital to fostering connection at the base.

“Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to already be stationed here for the past two years so I’ve been able to see all the progress under Colonel Walsh’s leadership first-hand. I’ve also been able to see the challenges. For my first few months in this position, I plan to be a sponge and I ask you all to share your knowledge and insights with me. I’m excited to be here and excited to progress with you and advocate for you…Semper Supra and Fly, Fight and Win,” he concluded.

After the ceremony, audience members were invited to meet Dermanoski in a receiving line and join him in the South Bay Bar and Grill for refreshments.

Space Base Delta 3 provides superior installation and community support services enabling the delivery of lethal and resilient space capabilities for national defense. Base support services include Medical, Civil Engineer and Logistics, Communications, Force Support, Security Forces, Base Chaplains, and more, to our co-located Field Command, Space Systems Command, who is responsible for developing, acquiring, equipping, fielding, and sustaining lethal and resilient space capabilities for warfighters. LA AFB has over 7K personnel assigned, with $1 billion in physical plant assets and has a $61.4 million annual budget.