Guardian Resilience Team offers free MetaCheck testing to LAAFB personnel

  • Published
  • By Capt. Katelin Robinson
  • Space Base Delta 3

Recently, the U.S. Space Force created a new Holistic Health Approach for Guardians, standing up Guardian Resilience Teams at all USSF bases. The current team at Los Angeles Air Force Base consists of Dr. Paul Stearns, Fitness Information Manager and Team Lead for the GRT, Space Base Delta 3 and Coach John Hofman, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, GRT, SBD 3. This new team has hit the ground running and due to the smaller size of the installation were allowed to help all members of LAAFB, including Airmen, Guardians, Civilians and Contractors, with their holistic health needs.

A recent implementation for the team is MetaCheck testing which measures how many calories your body burns at rest and when exercising.

“It is much easier for someone to understand their metabolic needs, and gathering this baseline data is a great starting point,” shared Stearns. “Once equipped with this knowledge, we can then develop a plan that is unique to the individual.”

The MetaCheck is a metabolic analyzer that provides an accurate, professional metabolic rate measurement, through directly measuring the concentration of oxygen a person breathes out.

“The test is simple. Each client merely breathes through a mouthpiece and all the exhaled air is collected and analyzed. There is a direct correlation between oxygen consumed and calories burned, which makes Metacheck the most accurate measurement of calorie consumption we have,” said Stearns.

Measuring a person’s metabolic rate allows the team to then construct an effective weight loss or weight gain plan based on individual caloric needs, which is one of the many tools to assist a member in meeting their overall health and wellness goals.

Tech. Sgt. Taylor Moore, Commanders Action Group member, SBD 3, shared why he recently took the test, “I am curious to see how the results will vary as my lifestyle has been mostly sedentary. Now that I have a true baseline of no regular exercising and dieting, I am working with the GRT for a diet and workout plan to see where I’m at in the next six months.”

He continued, “I’m looking forward to seeing the results after consistent dieting and exercising and am grateful these services are free for us.”

Sign up for this free testing by emailing the GRT orgbox: Tests take place in the Fitness Center on LAAFB and take approximately ten minutes to complete. The team advises that you do not workout or consume any caffeine, food, or drinks for eight hours prior to your appointment to ensure accuracy of the test.

If you are assigned to LAAFB you can check out their CAC enabled SharePoint here: Guardian Resiliency Team - Home ( which provides workout plans, GRT info and nutritional advice.

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