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Successful Completion of Segment Level Test for AEHF Mission Control System

Los Angeles Air Force Base -- The MILSATCOM Systems Wing, Space and Missile Systems Center announced today that on Nov. 17, 2006, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company (LMSSC) and Integrated Systems & Solutions (IS&S) successfully completed testing of block 3 of Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) and MILSTAR ground payload and network management Mission Planning Element, in Valley Forge, PA.

"This milestone represents a significant accomplishment for the Protected MILSATCOM Product Line," said AEHF Program Manager, Col William J. Harding. "It demonstrates the capability of the Advanced EHF Mission Control System to support world-wide secure SATCOM communications via a mixture of AEHF and MILSTAR satellites.

Completing this testing is a crucial step towards fielding the first tool our warfighters will use for commanding and controlling a joint MILSTAR and AEHF constellation. The team deserves a great deal of credit."

The capabilities provided in this first release include long-term MILSTAR and AEHF satellite payload communication planning for the existing MILSTAR constellation. Subsequent releases will allow for real-time mission planning for the MILSTAR system, long term resource planning for the soon-to-be launched Advanced EHF satellite system, and real-time mission planning for the combined MILSTAR and AEHF constellation.

This test activity, a combined effort of 15 Air Force and over 100 Lockheed personnel, put 150,000 lines of code through its paces. The synergy from combining government and contractors resulted in finishing three months ahead of schedule and $2 million under budget. Operational experts had the opportunity to test fly the software at the conclusion of the test and are looking forward to its deployment in early 2007.

"This tool will be critical in maintaining the very best satellite communication support to our warfighters supporting on-going operations, and future US and coalition endeavors throughout the world," said Maj. Chris Beverly, the AEHF Ground Segment Program Manager.

"The success of this program is the result of teamwork between the government and the contractor, and their total commitment to keeping the end users involved. Bringing real communications planners into the contractor's facility and using their inputs ensures that the tool will meet the needs of its users right off the production line."

The very first Advanced EHF Mission Planning system is scheduled to be fielded in February 2007 to long-term planners in preparation for the launch of the first AEHF satellite and subsequent joining of MILSTAR and AEHF constellations.