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LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- The following individuals have been recently recognized for their outstanding achievements at Los Angeles Air Force Base. Congratulations to all award winners and promotees.

23rd Annual Black Engineer of the Year Award (AFSPC Level)
Maj. Wesley Turner - Space Development and Test Wing

Outstanding Individual Reservist of the Year
Capt. Je Funk - Global Positioning Systems Wing
Tech. Sgt. Rodney Johnson - 61st Air Base Wing

2008 Lance P. Sijan USAF Leadership Awards
Maj. Jeremy Brown - Space Development and Test Wing
Capt. Ariel Batungbacal - Intelligence
Master Sgt. Joseph Candaso - 61st Air Base Wing
Staff Sgt. Dreamy Peckhem - 61st Air Base Wing

Promoted to Colonel
Col. (s) Joe Friers - (Projected Gain)
Col. (s) David Goldstein - (Projected Gain)
Col. (s) Holly Mangum - SMC Plans and Programs
Col. (s) Pat Morrow - MILSATCOM Systems Wing
Col. (s) David Beckwith - National Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System 

Promoted to Major
Maj. (s) Bryan Bonzo - 61st Medical Group
Maj. (s) Georgette Trezvant - 61st Medical Group

IMA Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
Lt. Col.(s) Lisa Gievers - Global Positioning Systems Wing
Lt. Col. (s) David Hamilton - Space Based Infrared Systems Wing
Lt. Col. (s) Jeffrey Janicik - Space Based Infrared Systems Wing
Lt. Col. (s) Charles Rich - MILSATCOM Systems Wing
Lt. Col. (s) Stephen McGrath - Space Development and Test Wing

Promoted to Staff Sergeant
Kumi Stephens - Comptroller
Amanda Gladle - 61st Medical Group
Kalesha Gonzalez - 61st Medical Group
Mahendra Maniram - 61st Medical Group
Lorena Quiral - 61st Medical Group
Jessica Reyes - 61st Medical Group
Terrence Richardson - 61st Medical Group
Jamin Truman - 61st Medical Group
Iris Tuvalu - 61st Medical Group
Yolanda Brown - 369th USAF Recruiting Squadron

2008 SMC 2nd Quarter Award Winners

Field Grade Officer
Maj. Mark Cinnamon - Launch and Range Systems Wing

Senior Company Grade Officer
Capt. Donita Ruehs - SMC Program and Integration

Junior Company Grade Officer
2nd Lt Michael Kust - MILSATCOM Systems Wing

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
Master Sgt. David McCloud - 61st Air Base Wing

Non-Commissioned Officer
Tech. Sgt. Rebecca Backs - 61st Air Base Wing

Senior Airman Lorena Quiral - 61st Air Base Wing

Senior-Level Civilian
Joathan Hauland - MILSATCOM Systems Wing

Mid-Level Civilian
Kelly Crone - Space Superiority Systems Wing

Junior-Level Civilian
Yvette Wilson - Space Based Infrared Systems Wing

Administrative-Level Civilian
Mary Roberson - SMC Program and Integration

Space Systems Team
Vandenberg Tracking Station Turnover Team - Satellite Control and Network Systems Group

Administrative Support Team
Guardian Challenge Team 2008 - 61st Security Forces Squadron

Honor Guard Member
1st Lt. Rebecca Ban - 61st Air Base Wing

Dorm Room
Airman st Class Ryan Rohde - 61st Air Base Wing