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Base personnel and Community Responders Join Together for MERCAT Exercise

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- On June 12,  the Los Angeles Air Force Base medical response team and local community first responders will be working together to exercise our ability to handle to a major incident. Fire trucks, ambulances and HAZMAT vehicles will be here to provide a realistic training scenario. There is no cause for concern. Access to certain areas on Los Angeles Air Force Base and movement around base will be limited. It's all part of a Medical Emergency Response Capability and Training (MERCAT) exercise involving Air Force personnel and the local community, June 8-12. Most of the events associated with the MERCAT will be held in the outside areas adjacent to the clinic and base fitness center. During the week, clinic patients may find they have longer wait times than usual for services, and base traffic and parking might be impacted. Additionally, the clinics in El Segundo and Ft MacArthur will be closed June 12.