CCAF Electronic Transcripts Now Finally Available for Ordering --- Faster Service!

  • Published
  • By Benny Seawright
  • CCAF Chief of Media and Outreach

The Community College of the Air Force is now offering Electronic Transcripts Delivery through Parchment, a digital credentialing service agency. This is the first time CCAF has been able to offer this in its 50-year history. CCAF students can now request and receive their transcripts electronically. The CCAF personnel involved in this process are led by Student Services Flight Chief: MSgt Ellainne Bay and her staff which includes A1C Megan Dillingham, A1C Nathaniel Hernandez, A1C Paul Phillips, and A1C Tywayne Reynolds.

Initial operating capability of this process began in July 2022, becoming fully operational in August 2022.

Here is how this works. CCAF students register for an account with Parchment and then add CCAF to their list of schools attended. They then order a copy of their transcript to send to the address of their choice (school, third party or home address). The transcript orders come into the CCAF Student Services section. CCAF Student Services technicians securely retrieve the request, verify the information and process the digital copy. The transcripts are then processed by Parchment for delivery. Parchment processes the order and delivers the transcript. Although CCAF does not charge a fee for providing student transcripts, there is a processing fee charged by Parchment. The request is processed within 2-3 days!

To be the “College of Choice” for our enlisted members, and to assist them in paving a way to their success for many more years to come, CCAF must continue to seek better ways through technology to improve our services. This is the next step to the digital age and is the right thing to do for our students. It provides faster access to their digital credentials and allows students to pursue higher education or seek employment faster when needing their transcript. The process that has taken up to 45 days can now be done in three days or less. This new electronic transcript process is just one example. Many more improvements are coming. For more information, visit our website at: