Los Angeles Air Force Base Children Celebrate Earth Day

  • Published
  • By Los Angeles Air Force Base Garrison

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- In honor of Earth Day last month, the Child Development Center and the 61st Civil Engineering and Logistics Squadron provided a fun way to develop awareness for saving the planet through building colorful and informative dioramas and planting flowers.

The project taught children about the importance of sustainability and provided educational tips they can implement at home. 

There are different ways to invest in our planet: Recycle (reduce and reuse), volunteering to help cleanup, conserve water, sustainable energy, plant a tree and education yourself on the importance and value of our natural resources. 

As a steward of almost 9 million acres encompassing forests, prairies, deserts, wetlands, and coastal habitats, the Department of the Air Force (DAF) recognizes the importance of protecting and sustaining the natural environment. 

Taking steps to preserve biodiversity, mitigate damaging effects of climate change, and use land, energy, and resources responsibly all help ensure installations can sustain critical missions.

To the DAF, responsible stewardship means not only reducing its environmental footprint, but also protecting and repairing habitats that are already facing degradation. 

By making more environmentally-informed decisions – during this Earth Day and everyday – the DAF is working to ensure that it can continue to sustain all the planet has to offer for Airmen, Guardians, their families, and our nation for decades to come.