Operational Acceptance for Space C2 MINERVA

  • Published
  • By Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs

The Space and Missile Systems Center’s Space Command and Control division received Operational Acceptance for Space C2 MINERVA on June 8, 2021.

Minerva serves as the automated application through which Combined Space Operations Center Space Delta 5 Request for Information Managers receive, assign, track, and answer all inbound, space-related RFIs in one centralized location.

Prior to Minerva, RFI Managers spent several hours receiving, logging, and validating RFIs, through Excel, PowerPoint, and email correspondence.

“It was time-consuming, labor-intensive, which is not conducive to large scale communication flow,” said Col. Monique Delauter, commander of CSpOC.

Now, RFI Management functions are executed through Minerva in minutes, allowing managers and analysts ample time to research RFIs and ensure customers’ answers are provided accurately and within the suspense date range. Minerva currently serves six RFI managers within Space Delta 5, and countless customers across the DoD.

“It’s with products like Minerva where we are able to shatter old ways of doing business and the months-long, manually-intensive processes that went with it,” said Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, senior materiel leader for space C2 at the Space and Missile Systems Center.  “This showcases the USSF’s ability to do the RFI mission faster with accelerated response timelines to the broader community.”

Space C2 program, also known as Kobayashi Maru, under SMC’s Enterprise Corps Cross-Mission Ground and Communication, provides capabilities to facilitate timely, quality-driven battlespace decisions for the space domain fight that bring critical services to our warfighters. The program provides infrastructure and enterprise services, as well as develops mission applications to enable responsive, resilient operational-level Space C2 capabilities for space operations centers. 

Kobayashi Maru’s mission product lines include Battle Management, Command and Control, Space Domain Awareness, Data Analytics and Visualization, and Theater and Coalition Support. These efforts all focus on developing the operational echelon of Space C2 mission applications to deliver multi-domain effects. The operational C2 layer that Kobayashi Maru provides, underpins foundational offensive and defensive space control capabilities for the USSF space enterprise.