REPR Satellite Operations Center stood up, aims to improve warfighting capabilities

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  • By Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs

The new Rendezvous and Proximity (REPR) Satellite Operations Center was officially opened after a ribbon cutting ceremony at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., July 7, 2021.

Stood up by Space and Missile Systems Center’s Innovation and Prototyping Directorate, the REPR Satellite Operations center is a high-tech environment focused on improving space warfighting capabilities while providing a modern physical workspace to successfully accomplish its mission.

Col. Joseph Roth, the director of SMC’s Innovation and Prototyping Directorate, hosted the event along with Col. Timothy Sejba, director of SMC Space Development Corps, who acted as the presiding keynote speaker.

“I am extremely proud of the Government and industry team’s dedication to delivering this innovative capability during an unprecedented pandemic,” Sejba said. “The REPR Satellite Operations Center allows us to carry out on-orbit experiments and prototyping efforts, develop innovative concepts of operation, and demonstrate game-changing technology for the United States Space Force and our mission partners.”

The REPR Satellite Operations Center is a 5,930 square foot, $17 million state-of-the-art facility, which includes the operations floor, mission planning/collaboration rooms, and conference facilities. The operations floor will be able to accommodate over 50 highly skilled operators and support personnel to command and control multiple next-generation missions simultaneously.

The newly-opened enter will be managed as part of the Research, Development, Test & Evaluation Support Complex (RSC) located at Kirtland. The RSC has been advancing science and technology capabilities for the Department of Defense, other government partners and allies since its inception 24 years ago. The REPR floor aims to continue a proud and long tradition supporting the unique mission to provide world-class on-orbit operations for science and technology demonstrations, experiments, and prototype satellites and payloads.

“The REPR Satellite Operations Center was constructed by applying innovative architecture and pulling in the latest technology available, allowing operators the ability to command  multiple missions concurrently, dramatically increasing the Space Force’s mission capabilities,” said Dan Crouch, Senior Materiel Leader of the Innovation and Prototyping Directorate’s Prototype Operations Division.

The Innovation and Prototyping Directorate is aligned under the Space Development Corps, located at the Space and Missile Systems Center based in El Segundo, California.  The Corps’ mission is to inspire and empower an inclusive team dedicated to fielding technologically superior space effects, in order to develop transformational space capabilities to secure U.S. vital interests.  The Space and Missile System Center is the center of acquisition excellence for acquiring and developing military space systems.