Shining Star volunteers recognized by AFRC

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  • Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs

The Airman and Family Readiness office, presented a “cost savings” check for $536,247 to Los Angeles Air Force Base which represents the 19,000 volunteer hours those individuals donated to the base during a ceremony held on here April 15, 2021.  Twenty five outstanding Shining Star volunteers were honored for their hard work and volunteer hours during this past year at Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC).

Volunteers are vital to the mission and success of our base, community and Nation.  “We are living in a moment that calls for hope and light and love.  Hope for our futures, light to see our way forward, and love for one another.  Volunteers provide all three.  Service - the act of looking out for one another - is part of who we are as a Nation.  Our commitment to service reflects our understanding that we can best meet our challenges when we join together,” President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. stated in a proclamation.

This year’s theme is ‘Celebrate the Power of Volunteers’ it’s about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.  Lt Col John Francis, 61st Air Base Group IMA to the Deputy Commander, Mrs. Cathy Howard, Flight Chief, Airman and Family Readiness and Command Chief Chief Master Sgt. Lisa Arnold and Mr. Anthony Chatfield, director, Force Support Squadron attended the ceremony.  

Recognition went to the Shining Star and Teams Awards winners who exemplified extraordinary dedication as volunteers and gallantly donated their time of more than 19,000 hours which represented a cost savings of about half a million dollars.  The base honored the impact of volunteer service and the power of change makers to come together to tackle society’s greatest challenges and build a stronger, more vibrant communities.  Two of the nominees were recognized for the Volunteer Excellence Award, which is a person who performed outstanding volunteer community services of a sustained, direct and consequential nature. 

Shining Star Award winners: First Airman 1st Class Alexis N. Thornton, SMC/CSS. Second, Technical Sgt. Sean Loria, SMC/EC. Third Ms. Julie Devine and Fourth Ms. Sheila Rupp.

Team Award Members: Ms. Cindi Smith and Ms. Bethany Airman Attic’s Team

Creatively and successfully met people's needs despite COVID's impact on normal operations. Volunteers are Ms. Cindi Smith, Ms. Norma Cruz, Mr. Fred Cruz, Ms. April Fagin, Ms. Nidia Silva Cruz, Mr. Ethan Canty and Ms. Meghan Ryan.

Sexual Assault Prevention Response, SAPR - Volunteer Victim Advocates Team Award: Master Sgt. Linda Hogan, 61st CELS, Technical Sgt. Anngerie Bajar, 61st CELS, Technical Sgt. Lizet Ceja-Farfan, 61st FSS, Staff Sgt. Vera Povetina, SMC/FM, Senior Airman Zenita Monterozo, SMC DS, Mr. Shaun Cruise, SMC/DS, Ms. Pamela Ervin, SMC/EC, Ms.  Frilando, SMC/ZA, Ms. Leah Goss, 61 FSS, Ms. Shelia Harris, 61st CS, Ms. Stephanie Kidd, SMC/AC, Patricia Postell, 61st CS, Ms. Tracy Triggs, 61st CS.  The team tackled sexual assault and promoted military readiness through victim advocacy and prevention, which are vital to SAPR success.

First Excellence Award: Ms. Tricia Sulham, Airman and Family Readiness, was presented with an exceptionally meritorious volunteer service award by former Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein.

Second Excellence Award: Ms. Toby Ginsburg, sister of the late Mr. Jerome R. Ginsburg (retired Master Sergeant, U.S. Army), receives the Retiree Activities Office of the Year Award, and the Volunteer Excellence Award for 2020 presented by Lt. Col. John Francis, 61st Air Base Group IMA to the Deputy Commander.

Ginsburg received the certificate of appreciation for exceptionally meritorious volunteer service to the United States Air Force signed by Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein. During the Covid-19 quarantine, he worked with fellow Los Angeles Air Force Base was honor to acknowledge and demonstrate our appreciation to this year’s outstanding volunteers for the hard work and hours they have contributed during this global pandemic year.