SMC Airmen transfer to USSF

  • Published
  • By Chip Pons
  • Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.-- At installations across the Department of Defense, Airmen once assigned to the United States Air Force raised their right hand as Gen. John “Jay” Raymond, United States Space Force Chief of Space Operations virtually conducted a ceremonial swearing-in event signifying their transfer to the USSF.

Speaking from the Air Force Association 2020 Virtual Air, Space and Cyber conference, Raymond expressed the USSF’s unique opportunity to be innovators and an incubator for change across the DOD.

“We must move and think faster, and we must empower and leverage the outstanding talent we have in the Space Force,” he said. “These imperatives are in the Space Force’s DNA. In fact, it is why the Space Force was established.”

“Today, we get to do something really cool,” he continued. “We get to bring together space professionals from around the world and ceremonially swear them in to the Space Force…from Greenland and Japan to Qatar, Afghanistan and all around the United States. Every single Space Professional should know that they are noticed and needed. They underwrite our ability to be agile and innovative to compete and win.”

Five members from the Space and Missile Systems Center participated in today’s virtual swearing-in ceremony.  

  • Capt. Hannah Best, SMC Aide-de-camp to the Commander
  • Capt. Mario Elizondo, SMC Space and Systems Safety Operations branch chief
  • Capt. Brandon George, SMC project officer
  • Capt. Jackson Dixon Galbreath, SMC project officer operations innovation
  • Capt. Christopher Wade, SMC GPS C2 training chief

Beginning on Sept. 1, more than 2,400 active-duty Airmen in space operations (13S) and space systems operations (1C6) career fields will transfer to the USSF.

To officially transfer from one military service to another, a military member separates from the current service and commissions or enlists into the new service in their current rank.  On the official date of transfer, enlisted members will be administered the Oath of Enlistment and sign enlistment contracts into the U.S. Space Force.  Officers will be administered the Oath of Office and sign official U.S. Space Force commissioning documents.  Both officers and enlisted members will incur a minimum two-year active-duty service commitment in volunteering for the transfer.