SMC Grants Security Approval for M-MSTIC Receivers

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  • SMC Public Affairs

On Dec. 19. 2019, the Space and Missile Systems Center granted Security Approval to Lockheed Martin’s M-MSTIC receivers. M-MSTIC receivers enable GPS operators to monitor Military-Code (M-Code) signals for integrity and provide an assured positioning, navigation, and timing signal for the warfighter. Achieving security approval signifies that the receivers meet or exceed established security standards, and are authorized to deploy and operate in the designated environments. This major program milestone allows the operational deployment of M-MSTIC receivers to six United States Space Force controlled sites in the spring of 2020.

Under the watchful leadership and enterprise integration efforts of SMC’s Production Corps and Enterprise Corps, Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems adapted the legacy MSTIC receiver design to process M-Code signals in an operational environment, ensuring protected and selective use by the GPS space operators. The M-MSTIC receiver architecture is modular and scalable by design in order to add on any future modernized GPS signals.

 “The M-MSTIC program is a prime example of the highly collaborative partnership between SMC and its industry partners in support of our mission to provide vital capabilities to our warfighters,” said First Lieutenant Rodan Ubungen, M-MSTIC program manager.

Over a decade in the making, M-Code signals will provide military and allied users with an improved jamming and spoofing resistant GPS signal that will enable operations in modern anti-access/area denial areas. This achievement is another example of why the modern marvel that we call GPS will continue to be the leader and trusted source of global positioning, navigation and timing.