Companies offered an opportunity to make pitches to the Air Force

  • Published
  • By Space and Missile Systems Center
  • SMC Public Affairs

On Nov. 6 in San Francisco, Air Force Pitch Day for Space will continue the Air Force’s initiative to demonstrate a faster and smarter strategy in technology investments and partnerships with small businesses. As critical sources of innovative new ideas and solutions, the Air Force invites small businesses to come pitch their new technology solutions and concepts targeting our most critical Space challenges. 

During Space Pitch Day, 20 to 30 companies will brief proposals to meet specific space capability needs.  The Air Force will make on- the-spot contract awards for proposals that best meet SMC’s needs. Matching funds are available for new Phase II companies within 90 days of award.

Events like Pitch Day simplify proposal and shorten evaluation timelines to get new capabilities in the hands of the warfighter with epic speed. Additionally it fosters partnerships with non-traditional and small businesses, and the Air Force. Both speed and partnerships are key to the new way SMC does business.

More information about Pitch Day and how to register are still to come.