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SMC Contestants “Go for Green” During 3rd Annual Salad Challenge

Salad Challenge

The challenge to “create their own version of a healthy salad, military members hold up their final presentation for judges to review. The Los Angeles Air Force Base commissary offers many healthy choices for optimizing health and fitness. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tamry McCauley)

Salad Challenge

This year’s Salad Challenge had great contenders, but 2nd Lt. Peyton Harris was the clear winner. The judges thought his “Go for the Green” presentation, creativeness and taste was the best in its class. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tamry McCauley)

Salad Challenge

2nd Lt. Tyler Coplen, Space and Missile Systems Center Remote Sensing Project Lead for Geostationary Earth Orbit, 2nd Lt. Peyton Harris, SMC Remote Sensing Project Manager, Capt. Whitney Alston, SMC Contract Specialist, Staff Sgt. Jonathan Leal, NCO in charge of the 61st Medical Squadron’s command support staff, and Staff Sgt. Joanna Ellerbe, NCOIC of SMC’s Equal Opportunity Office, participate in the Third annual Salad Challenge at the Los Angeles Air Force Base commissary in El Segundo, California. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tamry McCauley)

Salad Challenge

Staff Sgt. Joanna Ellerbe, NCO in charge of the Space and Missile Systems Center’s Equal Opportunity Office, looks at available items to start making her salad. Military members had four minutes to build a salad that would be judged by members of the base fitness center. Judging was based on presentation, taste, and overall use of fresh items supplied by the commissary. The salad challenge is a good way to implement the “Go for Green Initiative,” a program that helps Airmen stay fit and maximize their fitness goals. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tamry McCauley)


The Health Promotion Office is rolling out the ‘Go for Green” program to show military members how to optimize their health and fitness by following guidelines for selecting healthy foods. The Go for Green program shows what a good food selection is and what things to stay away from. The color-coded system is easy to follow and is being implemented Air Force wide.

A “Four-minute Salad Challenge” was held Sept. 25 in the base commissary where military personnel volunteered to show off their culinary skills against other members of the Space and Missile Systems Center community. Veronica Martinez, Defense Commissary Agency produce manager at Los Angeles Air Force Base was happy to supply and showcase produce and groceries used in the challenge. 

Lisa (Li) Kendrick, a registered dietitian nutritionist and Health Promotion representative with the 61st Medical Squadron, wants members to make health and well-being a priority. “Good food choices should be available where all food choices are available where Airman gather to eat,” explained Kendrick.

With all healthy competition, there must be a winner and 2nd Lt. Peyton Harris from SMC’s Remote Sensing directorate captured first place in this year’s salad challenge. “Having so many healthy choices made it easy to make a nutritious and great tasting salad,” said Harris.

The new program is being implemented at all eating facilities on base.  For more information on this program, call (310) 653-6736.