Warrior of the Week: Maj. Timothy Locke

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Directorate: Advanced Systems and Development

Duty title: Program Integration Advanced Space Technology

Years in Service: 10

Time on Station: 10 months

Hometown: Big Timber, Montana

Goals: Facilitate a more peaceful world by leading technically minded professionals to engage with military operational challenges to deter military attacks against US interests; and if deterrence fails, prevail in the face of our enemy. I intend to complete ACSC by the end of 2017 and get a PhD in electrical engineering by the end of 2022. Long term, I’d like to create a space technology related start-up company incubator.

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Entrepreneurship, and big brother in Big Brother, Big Sister program.

Greatest achievement: Married for 13 years; founding partner of brewery; and founding partner of an internet service provider. Served as a Technical Director for “High Altitude LIDAR Operational Experiment” during Operation Serval in 2013 in Senegal, Africa. Contributing author on four peer-reviewed journals on nonlinear photonics. Completed Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering with focus in Optical Injection of Semiconductor Lasers.

What others are saying:

Maj Locke has the pulse of Science and Technology (S&T) applications for Space Enterprise Vision. He has devised or advanced 3 key innovations to benefit SEV resilience: 1) agile thruster technology, 2) Type 1 Crypto for small satellites and 3) non-Keplerian orbits for agile space mission design. He has an entrepreneurial spirit: he has started his own small businesses and can easily translate government strategies to small and then to large business strategic vision, enabling faster IRAD alignment with industry partners. Maj Locke can move the world using the leverage of the government S&T portfolio. --Dr. Roberta Ewart, SMC Chief Scientist

Maj Locke is a hard charging, technically astute, and involved supervisor, who leads assessments of space experiments and prototypes feeding multiple AD efforts. Tim is a technical leader who is very engaged with industry partners and other government agencies to push technology forward to improve space capabilities for the warfighter. –Doug Brown, Chief, Technology Strategy Branch, (SMC/ADYT)