100% Indoor Mask Wear Required

July 27, 2021

Effective Wednesday, July 28, 2021, all members on the Los Angeles Air Force Base installation are required to wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status.  This public health policy change is based on the updated “Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

-Col. Becky M. Beers


Phase 3 of New Normal Operations
Thursday, July 8, 2021

To better accommodate mission requirements, we’ve removed the limit on the number of personnel allowed to come on base and removed various other restrictions outlined below.  Supervisors retain the ability to require a member’s presence for on-site mission needs.  We are still in a pandemic where we supply personal protective equipment and have other pandemic protocols in place (such as hand sanitizer stations and social distancing options).  For those who self-identify as high risk/vulnerable, continue to work with your supervisors to balance telework with on-site requirements unless you have an approved Reasonable Accommodation.  A new telework policy is forthcoming for the permanent new normal.

Additionally, there are minor changes to mask wear requirements while travel requirements remain unchanged.  Finally, commanders and supervisors have clearer guidance on when you can confirm vaccination status along with requiring members to carry proof of vaccination.  See below for additional details.  


New Normal Operations

Phase 3 Flexible Telework

HPCON change from ALPHA+ to ALPHA w/ no limit to number of personnel on base

Conference Room capacity adjusted to mostly traditionally set-up

Must include some designated socially distanced seating

  • Required for those not fully vaccinated
  • Optional for all others

Virtual attendance options (Ex. CHES Teams or Dial-in) highly encouraged based on mission requirements and seating capacity limitations.

Trusted Traveler resumes at Fort MacArthur and Government Housing areas

Below restrictions are removed:

  • Water fountains – hands free water refill station only
  • Elevator 4 capacity limits



Mask Requirements

Required for…

Anyone not fully vaccinated and must socially distance

Any office or organization with a posted requirement (including but not limited to)

Anyone taking public transportation (including government vehicles

All are required to carry a mask in case required to wear based on office policy (ex. customer service areas)




Civilian Employee

  • Provide supervisor status prior to departure for TDY


  • Provide government leadership status prior to OCONUS TDY

Anyone not fully vaccinated (all required doses + 2 weeks) should self-quarantine for 10 days.


Vaccination Status

  • Military
  • A commander has the authority to verify the vaccination status of Service members
  • Unmasked, fully vaccinated Service members should be prepared to show proof of vaccination (CDC vaccination card or other medical documentation)
  • Civilian Employees
  • Unmasked civilian employees may be asked to confirm vaccination status only if the supervisor has a reasonable basis to believe the unmasked employee has not been fully vaccinated, based on reliable evidence such as firsthand knowledge of voluntary employee statements.

59% Californians; 67% US with at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of July 7, 2021

Semper Supra!
Col. Becky M. Beers



Use of Masks and Other Public Health Measures (DoD)
June 22, 2021



By the Numbers

Click here for Department of the Air Force aggregate numbers of COVID-19.

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