Phase 2 of New Normal Operations
Monday, 22 March 2021


Local conditions within Los Angeles County continue to improve – so much so that the county was recently downgraded from the purple (widespread) tier to the red (substantial) tier.  In light of the leadership teams’ assessment of the continued improvements in local conditions, we are pleased to announce that LAAFB will once again enter Phase 2 of New Normal Operations on Monday, 22 March 2021.  

While these improvements are great news indeed, we need all personnel to continue to maintain COVID mitigations!  Proper mask wear, washing hands, social distancing, and other safety measures are still important and necessary, whether you are fully vaccinated or not.  We are fully confident that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the installation is ready to move back into Phase 2.


Here's a reminder of what Phase 2 means for the installation:

  • Maximized telework.  We move away from “mandatory” telework to maximized telework in Phase 2.  Please note that Ms. White’s Telework Tiger Team continues to develop the long-term telework strategy for the installation, so stay tuned for updates on that in the near future.
  • Occupancy.  Units may recall up to 50% of their personnel back to DoD-controlled workplaces.  Units who are located off the installation (e.g. on the Aerospace Campus) must continue to follow the occupancy rules in place for those locations.
  • “Routine tasks.  In Phase 2, supervisors are no longer required to designate “mission essential tasks” prior to recalling personnel to the workplace.  All routine tasks are permitted in the workplace, subject to the occupancy limits outlined above.
  • Vaccination.  The COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary for all individuals (military, DoD civilian, contractors).  Because of this, at this time, we will not be using the vaccination status of individuals in making “return to the workplace” determinations.  Supervisors must not inquire or otherwise attempt to collect the vaccination status of their personnel.

Important Vaccination Note:  All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must comply with all COVID-19 safety protocols on the installation.  So, even if you are fully vaccinated, you must continue to wear a mask, socially distance, and follow all the other DoD, DAF, and installation COVID-19 policies.  This might change at some point in the future, but for now – everyone follows the same rules until we get updated guidance.

Just like our last transition to Phase 2, we want to be clear and say that there is no rush to immediately bring units back to 50% on the installation – we expect a deliberate ramp up over time.  Our intent in moving to Phase 2 is to give the leadership team room to make decisions that work best for their mission and people, while of course keeping a close eye on COVID-19 safety.  As a reminder, supervisors are empowered to work issues at their level.  As I’ve said before, whether civilian or military, your supervisor will work with you if you have a hardship with respect to returning to the workspace in Phase 2.  Contractors are to follow the guidance of their contracts. 

Our installation will also be transitioning from HPCON Charlie to HPCON Bravo on Monday, 22 March 2021.  This change will allow us to expand services in many areas:

  • 61st Force Support Squadron “virtual-only” services will now provide limited “in-person” hours (visit https://www.lafss.com/).
  • Child Development Center (CDC) and Youth Programs will be able to increase their childcare capacity.
  • Lodging will once again accept space-available reservations.
  • Harborview Lounge and South Bay Bar & Grill will reopen indoor dining.
  • The LAAFB Fitness Center will reopen for indoor use (military & 61 SFS only for now; and Ft Mac Fitness Center to reopen within weeks).  Appointments are mandatory and sign up is on insideSMC.
  • Note:  Trusted Traveler program will remain suspended at this time.  Visit https://www.losangeles.spaceforce.mil/Home/Security-Forces-Info/ for Visitor Control Center hours.

As we move back into Phase 2, I’d like to once again foot stomp my previous statement:  we are ready, but I still need everybody to remain vigilant and continue to observe the safety protocols we have established.  GSUs will follow the guidance of their local or host operating location, and personnel operating on the Aerospace campus will continue to adhere to Aerospace policies.


For more information on New Normal Operations (to include updates on Travel Policy), please visit:  https://insidesmc.losangeles.af.mil/SitePages/New%20Normal%20Ops.aspx

For LAAFB COVID-19 Vaccine information, to include info on appointments, please visit:  https://insidesmc.losangeles.af.mil/sites/61mds/public/Pages/cvi1.aspx


I can assure you that the senior leadership team is constantly watching the local COVID-19 conditions and making decisions that are best-suited for our people and our mission.  We will continue to do so and adjust course as necessary.  I very much look forward to seeing more of our incredible team on base, “mask-to-mask”!

Semper Supra!
Col. Becky M. Beers



Use of Masks and Other Public Health Measures (DoD)
Feb. 04, 2021



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