Military & Family Life Consultants

Need To Talk?

Military & Family Life Consultants are here to listen. MFLCs are available to help service members, spouses, family members and children.

The staff addresses:

· Deployment/reintegration issues
· Marriage and relationship issues
· Parenting/sibling and family issues
· Communication challenges
· Stress and Anxiety
· Depression
· Grief and loss
· Daily life issues

Services are offered year-round with a 45-day rotation between MFLCs. The point of contact is the Airman & Family Readiness Flight Director.

MFLACs may participate in Guard, Reserve and youth activities, but primary focus is augmenting the services provided by the A&FRC.

Consultations and training are free and anonymous. No records are kept.

After-hours and weekend appointments are available and group or off-site meetings can be arranged. MFLACs may also meet you somewhere off-base if it's within a reasonable distance from the base.

Scheduling an appointment is easy: Call 310-405-1508 to speak to your MFLC.