61st Air Base Group

The 61st Air Base Group is the host unit at Los Angeles Air Force Base. It provides medical, civil engineering, communications, chaplain, security, logistics, personnel, readiness, and quality-of-life services to the Space and Missile Systems Center and many other Department of Defense units in the Los Angeles basin. The group consists of five squadrons and six staff agencies, totaling more than 790 personnel with $608 million in plant assets and an annual budget of $60 million. The group was reactivated in 2010 after the 61st Air Base Wing was deactivated. The 61st can trace its lineage back to World War II. 


Provide effective and efficient base operating support to improve wartime readiness and the quality of life of LAAFB customers. 


One team with the single-minded commitment to provide SMC the best base operating support in the Air Force. 


The 61st Medical Squadron provides responsive, quality, cost-effective health care in a competitive environment. It ensures mission readiness and healthy lifestyles through proactive health care programs. 

The 61st Mission Support Squadron provides personnel, family support, services, communications, contracting, civil engineering and security forces services for base organizations and personnel. 

The 61st Civil Engineering and Logistics Squadron provides maintenance, repair, design, construction, readiness and emergency management, installation deployment support, fire protection, environmental compliance, housing, transportation, supply and travel management services to the Space and Missile Systems Center and its 4,500 personnel.

Other key staff functions falling under the group include Chaplain Services, Command Post Operations, Military Equal Opportunity, Legal, Security Forces, Contracting and Communications.