Los Angeles AFB Physical Therapy Clinic

Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 7:00 a.m-4:00 p.m. Wednesday 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
For all appointments, call 310-653-6865

Contact Phone Numbers
DSN: 633-6865
Commerical: 310-653-6865

Patient Advocate

Clinic objectives are:
-- Evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.
-- Establishment and implementation of individualized exercise and treatment programs to address identified dysfunction.
-- Restoration of normal functions and return active duty personnel to full duty.
-- Injury prevention

What Physical Therapy offers:
-- Evaluation/assessment of posture, motion, and strength in order to determine appropriate interventions.
-- Intervention may include instruction in specific exercise programs and equipment: strengthening, range of motion, and stretching. It may include postural re-education, body mechanics instruction and prevention information.
-- Interventions may also include modalities: manual therapy, hot and cold packs, electrical muscle stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), ultrasound, cervical and pelvic traction, and iontophoresis.

For Your Appointment:
It is our intention to provide you with the best care possible. The following information will acquaint you with our operating procedures and what to expect while you're in physical therapy:
-- Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your initial appointment, and on time for all your treatment appointments. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled if you arrive late. Please inform us if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. We can be flexible in rescheduling, but we need to hear from you. Voice mail messages can be left for us after hours on 310-653-6865. (We require 24 hours notice prior to your appointment to cancel).
-- Please dress appropriately for your appointment, e.g., comfortable clothes for low back, shorts for lower extremity problems and athletic shoes for exercise.
-- If at any time during an appointment you feel a chaperone should be present, please let us know and one will be provided for you.
-- Due to limited space and patient privacy, visitors and children are not permitted in the treatment areas. Inform your therapist if you are being treated by another provider for the same condition. Unattended children are not permitted in the waiting area for safety reasons.

No-Show/Cancellation Policies:
If you are not able to keep your appointment with the therapist; please contact us 24 hours in advance. You will receive a no show if you fail to attend your appointment with the therapist. For the workout therapy sessions, we offer a unique scheduling method that will prevent you from receiving any no shows but you are responsible setting your own appointments up and keeping track them.

Patient Appointment System:
Physical Therapy is open to active duty only.