MILSATCOM Logistics & Operations Support Division


The MILSATCOM Logistics & Operations Support Division (SMC/MCL) plans for life cycle Product Support, facilitates system activation and transition, sustains operational MILSATCOM systems and equipment, and executes assigned programs to provide critical worldwide SATCOM capabilities to the President, Secretary of Defense, Combatant Commanders U.S. Warfighters, and International/Coalition Partners engaged across the full spectrum of military operations.


MCL includes a total force of approximately 166 personnel: 11 assigned military, 67 assigned civilians, 2 Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) contractors, 31 Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractors and 34 System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) contractors.


The MCL Division Chief is dual-hatted as the MILSATCOM Product Support Manager (PSM), and performs those Title 10 MILSATCOM portfolio Life Cycle Product Support duties in direct support of the MILSATCOM Director, who is the DoD 5000 portfolio Program Manager of record. MCL consists of both functional and program execution branches.

Functional Branches (4)

· MCLA: Acquisition Logistics (LAAFB)
Supports developmental programs to ensure affordable life cycle system supportability, and operational suitability.
· MCLE: Systems Engineering & Integration (PAFB)
Executes and monitors systems safety across operational MILSATCOM systems. Applies risk management across MILSATCOM operational systems, to assure Operational Safety, Suitability and Effectiveness (OSS&E). Identifies, analyzes, coordinates, plans, executes, and integrates sustainment driven software, hardware and system requirements. Manages and executes system integration, test and validation of operational MILSATCOM systems and equipment. Provides technical analysis and supports mission restoral efforts following outages and anomalies.
· MCLO: Operations Support Branch (SAFB)
Provides a single point of contact and responsive operational support to 50 SW MILSATCOM systems operators, and all MILSATCOM terminal users. Facilitates communications and assures situational awareness between operations and sustainment communities at the action officer level, and normalizes operational support for all MILSATCOM Systems.
· MCLP: Sustainment Program Control (PAFB)
Plans, coordinates, develops, and defends budget submittals; monitors and analyzes the execution of programs; conducts complex schedule analyses, what-if analyses, and engineering/change change management evaluations; recommends and implements resource allocation adjustments; participates in source selection activities; and provides overall programmatic and budgetary advice and guidance to Product Support Integrators (PSIs) and the PSM.

Program Execution Branches (5) PAFB

MCL Program Execution Branch Chiefs serve as the PSI for their assigned systems, integrating all critical functions related to weapon-system readiness, including materiel management, distribution, technical data management, maintenance, training, cataloging, configuration management, engineering support, repair parts management, failure reporting and analyses, and reliability growth, provided by both private and public sources. PSIs facilitate the transition of their assigned programs from development to sustainment, and are responsible for the day-to-day program execution for operational MILSATCOM systems in the Operations and Support phase of the life cycle.
· MCLC: Satellite C2 (CCS-C)
· MCLN: Nonprotected SATCOM Terminals (AITG, GBS, GMT, AFWET, HDR-AT & HDR-RF)
· MCLS: Protected MILSATCOM (Milstar, AEHF & EPS)

(Current as of September 2018)