Air Force Office of Special Investigations

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations has been the Air Force's major investigative service since Aug.1, 1948. The agency reports to the Inspector General, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. AFOSI provides professional investigative service to commanders of all Air Force activities. Its primary responsibilities are criminal investigations and counterintelligence services.

On October 17, 2013, AFOSI activated the Office of Procurement Fraud. While AFOSI has conducted procurement fraud investigations since 1948, this new office allows AFOSI to centralize and consolidate procurement fraud investigations, providing the best investigative services possible to our Air Force.

AFOSI Procurement Fraud Mission

To identify, neutralize, and prevent fraud threats to Air Force Procurement and Financial Systems by te
aming with customers to jointly detect and deter fraud, conducting professional investigations and operations, and identifying and reporting systemic weaknesses and internal control deficiencies.

Types of Investigations:

  • Bribery and Kickbacks

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Collusive Bidding

  • Cost Mischarging

  • Defective Pricing

  • False Statements/Claims

  • Fraudulent Contracts

  • Fraudulent Testing Data

  • Leaking of Bid Data

  • Product Substitution

  • Unjustified Sole Source  

Operating Locations:    

  • PF Det 1 Los Angeles AFB, CA (310) 653-2573
  • OL-A McChord AFB, WA (253) 982-5043
  • OL-B Travis AFB, CA (707) 424-1392
  • OL-C San Diego, CA (619) 556-6404/6407

AFOSI Homepage:

To report fraud please call:
AFOSI at (310) 653-2573 or email us at

Also, if you would like to schedule a fraud awareness briefing for your office, please contact us.