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Warrior of the Week: Capt. Emily Stanhouse

Capt. Emily Stanhouse

Capt. Emily Stanhouse


Directorate:  Launch Enterprise

Duty title: Launch Vehicle Production Operations Engineer

Years in Service: 5 years

Time on Station: 1 year

Hometown: Miamisburg, Ohio

Goals:  To use my Master’s Degree in Intelligence Studies and my work experience for a future role in developing and fielding intelligence capabilities

Hobbies: Traveling, snowboarding, Jeeping

Greatest achievement:  Having the opportunity to be the Lead Project Officer for the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center’s hosting of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Project on Nuclear Issues Conference, in which emerging leaders from across the nuclear enterprise and policy community are provided with a visible platform for sharing their new thinking on a range of nuclear issues.  This opportunity motivated me to complete my Master’s thesis on “The Prevention of Nuclear Proliferation.”

… and not flipping my Jeep while rock crawling.

What others are saying:  "Capt. Stanhouse has hit the ground running at the United Launch Alliance (ULA) rocket factory.  While coming up to speed learning all the production aspects of two unique launch systems, Emily was challenged with the largest production rate since the EELV program began.   The higher production rates have come as a challenge and have led to many issues Capt. Stanhouse has had to work with ULA to resolve.  Finally, in her new position, Emily will be at the fore-front of the Next Generation Launch System (NGLS) development and  will be the eyes and ears for the SPO located at Los Angeles AFB.  She will be instrumental as ULA works through the initial production of the new Vulcan NGLS and the retirement of the Atlas V, Delta IV and Delta II," said Scott Frerking, branch chief, Operating Locations Denver/Decatur.