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Warrior of the Week: Capt. Jason Oh

Capt. Jason Oh

Capt. Jason Oh


Directorate/Unit:  Launch Enterprise, Experimental Launch and Test Division

Duty Title:  ORS-5 Mission Manager

Years In Service:  9

Time on Station:  10 months

Hometown:  Corona, CA

Goals:  Become SQ/CC of a space ops unit, complete 20+ years of active duty service and retire from the Air Force, travel the world and visit all seven continents

Hobbies:  Working out, traveling

Greatest Achievement:  Being the first member of my family to receive a college degree

Commander’s Comment:  “Jason was a natural pick for our current ORS-5 mission.  Just coming off his Education with Industry tour with Orbital ATK, he is intimately familiar with their processes and can make the most of our Government dollars, ” said Randy Riddle, acting chief, Experimental Launch and Test Division.