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61 CELS Warrior of the Week: Staff Sgt. Anngerie Bajar

Staff Sgt. Anngerie Bajar

Staff Sgt. Anngerie Bajar


Directorate/Unit:  61 CELS

Duty Title:  Assistant NCOIC, Individual Protective Equipment/Chemical Warfare Defense Ensemble

Years in Service:  8 years

Time on Station:  5 months

Hometown:  Burbank, Calif,

Goals:  Finish my MBA and own a healthcare facility

Hobbies:  Wall climbing, working out, singing, dancing

Greatest achievement: Completed Bachelor's degree and having 2 kids and a house

What others are saying (Commander's Comment):  "Staff Sgt. Bajar is a true professional and has hit the ground running in her short 5 months at LAAFB.  She is one of three members in the Mobility Supply Section, which is responsible for providing all the Individual Protective Equipment and chem gear to Team SMC personnel for training and deployments.  Her efforts directly support the warfighters deploying to fulfill Combatant Command missions/requirements," said Lt. Col. Todd Inouye, 61st Civil Engineer and Logistics Squadron commander.