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Base CFC Campaign Kicks Off

Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas logo.

This year's campaign theme is "A Time to Care, A Time to Share." The CFC drive runs until Dec. 6.

Los Angeles Air Force Base -- Los Angeles AFB's Combined Federal Campaign kicked off this week. This year's campaign runs for six weeks until Dec. 6. The theme is "A Time to Care, A Time to Share."

Last year, federal employees in Los Angeles County raised $3.94 million dollars - making it the 10th largest campaign area. Los Angeles AFB personnel donated more than $270,000 to that total. This year, the base's goal is to raise at least $314,400 from military and civilian personnel donations.

Base personnel can donate through payroll allotments or a one time cash contribution. The minimum payroll deduction is $1 per pay period for civilian employees and $2 per month for military members. Personnel can also designate one or more charities to receive money and a specific dollar amount to be given to that charity. Donors can choose from thousands of charities including cultural, medical, relief, educational, environmental and animal organizations.

Each unit's CFC representative has pledge forms and booklets listing available charities and their five-digit CFC code. The following are this year's base unit CFC representatives:

61 ABW: Staff Staff Sgt. Yubelka Anaya
61 MSG: Tech Sgt. David McCloud
61 CS:  Staff Sgt. Jennifer Dodd and Chandrick Garcia
61 CONS: Bev Campbell and Lt. Donny Naiman
61 SVS:  Tamera McInnis
61 MDG: Lt. Crystal Williams
61 MDOS: Tech Sgt. Tanassa Wilson
61 MDSS: Staff Sgt. Clement Johnson
61 CELS: Senior Airman Cory Montgomery
61 MSS: Bernadine Mack
61 JA :Senior Airman Aileen Gurbuz
SMC/DS :Capt. Brian Tellman
SMC/FM: Staff Sgt. Robin Urbane
SMC/PK: Deb McNeil
SMC/HO: Robert Mulcahy
SMC/PA: Capt. Lori Hodge
SMC/SSG: Capt. Nathaniel Kilian and Lt. Abraham Washington
SMC/IN: Lisa Bertoline and Tammie Turner
SMC/PI: Lt. James Abellana
LRSW :Capt. Art Morse
GPSW: Capt. Johann Peralta
MCSW Capt. Tammy Rose and Lt. Bryan Kim
SYSW:Tech Sgt. Melissa Rodriguez
ISSW: Lt. Marie Juan-Roque
SCNG: Lt. Tung Ngo and Jeremy Leader
DMSG: Capt. Douglas Pindrock
XR:  Lt. Sean France and Lt. Michael Butler
OSL :David Mucha

CFC was established by President John Kennedy in 1961 to eliminate year-round solicitation of federal employees by charities. Since then, CFC has grown into largest, single charitable event in the world. Thousands of local, national and international organizations have benefited from CFC fund raising efforts.

More information about the Greater Los Angeles Combined Federal Campaign can be found at http://www.greaterlacfc.org.