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El Segundo‘s Traffic Direction Changes

Los Angeles Air Force Base -- Base personnel who exit the main gate will no longer be able to make a U-turn on the painted center median on Doulgas Street. The El Segundo Police Department will be enforcing the new regulation starting Oct. 24.

"The change comes after El Segundo Police Department observed too many close calls for potential car accidents and too many cars lined up in the center median waiting to make U-turns that were unsafe," said Lt. Col. Dane Matthew, deputy commander of 61st Mission Support Group. "These unsafe driving practices by base drivers were considered unsafe by the City's Police Department, and they felt putting up the no U-turns sign would allow for base drivers to use safer routes to and from work.

Base personnel will still be able to make U-turns at the street light of Mariposa Avenue and Doulgas Street, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew added. The recommended safe route is to go around the block to get to El Segundo Boulevard. (Turn left on Mariposa Avenue, left on Nash Street, which leads you to the intersection of El Segundo Boulevard.)

Master Sgt. Hector Navarro, 61st Air Base Wing Ground Safety manger, stressed the importance of safety, "We are running the risk of someone getting seriously hurt or killed. These U-turns are just not worth it. It's an accident waiting to happen."

"Currently, left turns onto Doulgas Street from the main gate are illegal," the colonel said. "In the near future, a scheduled project for the main gate will minimize traffic congestion during the peak hours. The project will consist of reconfiguring the entrance and exit roads in front of the main gate to allow for left turns on Doulgas Street. The project will begin once the Aviation Street gate fence is complete."

"Safety of our people is our foremost concern. They are our most valuable resource," said Lieutenant Colonel Matthew. "We remind them to be safe drivers both on and off base -- safety is paramount."