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GPS Wing Receives Approval to Enter Production

Los Angeles Air Force Base -- Mr. Douglas Loverro, executive director, Space and Missile Systems Center, Air Force Space Command, Los Angeles AFB, Calif., signed the Acquisition Decision Memorandum to enter the production phase of the acquisition life cycle for the Advanced Digital Antenna Production program, Nov. 3.

This decision allows the GPS Wing to procure ADAP Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna and associated antenna electronics for U.S. military and foreign military sales customers.

The ADAP program is an evolutionary upgrade to the existing GPS Antenna System -1 to ensure the continued availability of GPS signals to aircraft, ships and munitions. The development of the ADAP system and its capabilities has been a joint effort with the U.S. Navy, who has already committed funds to procure the initial batch of ADAP units for integration and testing on Navy aircraft and ships.

This milestone decision opens the door for additional Service and FMS customers and marks a significant event as the first of many regarding the modernization of GPS user equipment over the broader M-Code bandwidth as compared to legacy analog anti-jam systems.