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GPS IIR Team Honored by AFA

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. -- Recently, the Global Positioning System IIR Team was named as the Air Force Association's 2010 Aerospace Citation of Honor Award winner. The GPS IIR team, consisting of personnel from the GPS, Launch and Range Systems, 50th Space and 45th Space wings, and industry partners Lockheed Martin and ITT, successfully processed and launched the last two in the series of eight modernized GPS IIR satellites, ending a significant era in GPS acquisition history.

The GPS IIR team was cited for performing above and beyond to achieve successful delivery and fly out of the GPS IIR/IIR-M program. The team secured a valuable worldwide spectrum allocation for future safety-of-flight applications, overcame a major on-orbit satellite anomaly, and implemented positioning, navigation, and timing functionality that will satisfy the needs of our nation and the world for decades to come.

A major program milestone was recently achieved in GPS history - the completion of the GPS IIR/IIR-M block of satellites. The program has highlighted the outstanding relationship between government and industry teams' hard work and dedication to mission success.

The recognized team members include:

GPS Wing:

Lt. Col. Dave Learned, Lt. Col. Rod Houser, Lt. Col. James Lake, Maj. John Hsu, Capt. Brandon Erwin, Capt. Marc Ratey, Capt. Geoff Levine, Tim McIntyre, Missy Mitchell, Catherine Ward, Bella Au, Andrew Bean, John Clark, Hakan Ozisik, Tom Powell, Tom Stansell, Bob Horn, John Berg, Karl Kovach, P.J. Mendicki, Mike O'Brine, Mark Strub, Robert Chiu, Bob Hartman and Jamie Van Horn.
Launch and Range Systems Wing:

Lt. Col. Mark Cinnamon, Capt. Eugene Keeler, Capt. Jayson Anderson, Lt. Huiras, Art Falconer, Danny Ortiz, Jay Bernard, Norm Lagerquist, Ed Schatzman, James Taylor, Anthony Parrille and Patricia Suastegui .

50th Space Wing:

Lt .Col. Deanna Burt, Lt. Col. Traci Kueker-Murphy, Lt. Col. Doug Schiess, Lt. Col. Mike Manor, Maj. Jason King, Capt. Andrew Emery, Capt. Dan Highlander, Capt .Tom Duffy, Capt . Blake Hajovsky, Capt. Jeremiah Flerchinger, Steven Hutsell and Navneet Paul.

45th Space Wing:

Lt. Col. Erik Bowman, Capt. Ben Seabough, Capt. Bill Bakker, Capt. Mike Knauf, Capt. William Capps, Capt. Ben Amason, Capt. Brent McCraney, Lt. Dario Plazas, Lt. Jon McGuire, Lt. Mike Davault, Tech. Sgt. Bobby Chrum, Staff Sgt. Jason Boardman, Staff Sgt. Preston Sykes, Bill Causey, Don Skinner, Frank Marcouille and Jacquelyne Frederick.

Lockheed Martin:

Karen Gauthier, Mike McFadden, Gordy Houser, John Nagle, Tom Marotta, Suzy Pereira, Jim Martens, Don Edsall, Cindy Adams, Wayne Rasmussen and Bill Marquis.

ITT Corporation:

Joe Rolli

GPS plays a vital role as a navigation system in many ways: on the ground providing accurate directions to any mapped location, in the air providing safe and efficient aviation, on oceans and navigable waterways providing more efficient use of maritime resources, worldwide providing emergency and rescue services and critical support to the day-to-day business within our global economy. GPS has evolved to the status of a global utility, vital to commercial users and the security of the world.

The GPS IIR/IIR-M satellites are currently the backbone of the GPS constellation. Satellite performance has been extraordinary and they are expected to be operational for years to come.